#JAYDEUCES:// Characters

Jay. This letter J is the female counter part. She loves anything art. She draws, she paints, she crafts, and overall just loves making stuffs, whether by hand or by digital results. You know, that artsy fartsy type. She enjoys anime, play games, likes outdoorsy things, and nature. Cute things make her squeal secretly. She’s loud, hyper, optimistic, and full of bubbly energy. A tomboy at heart, she is a bit girly girl when she wants to. Usually an extrovert but could be an introvert, still to this day, she doesn’t know which she is.

Jay. This letter J is the male counter part. He likes puzzles, games, movies, tv shows, cats, the ocean, things that been through sh*t. He loves using fancy vocabulary to charm people with his smarts. He takes his bike to places to find secret paths that lead to hidden spaces. He has varies of hobbies and just found interest in climbing rocks. He’s usually quite shy and quiet around new people and once he’s comfortable, he’ll chit chat a bit more. He’s a very chill kind of dude and sometimes I believe he doesn’t belong in this time period.

Cherry & Andy. Jay’s closet friends. Always the male and female counterparts that add to the shenanigans in Jay’s life.

Cloud. Jay’s “little” brother.

All share a passion for art of some sorts and all have some sort of special spot in Jay’s life.