Hello! If you are interested in 3D printing, there are a few questions I have to ask you that you should keep in mind to answer me.
The first step is, do you have the files for printing?
At the moment I am not a modeler but I am learning how to model and eventually will open up to projects in the future. So I apologize for this step I can not provide service for.
Before you find 3d modeler. Please provide them a front, back, bottom, top, left side and right side views of your figure. Have them ready prior because I am pretty sure they will ask for this information anyways. 
Once you get the files, these are the questions I will most likely start to discuss with you. 
1. Tell me a little about yourself
2. Your basic information (socials, etc)
3. How many pieces?
4. At what size (height usually, such as 4")
5. When do you need it by?
6. I will need the STL or OBJ file of the model so I can cross reference and check to see if I am able to work with your print. 
7. What material? Resin (I print in Grey color at the moment)  or PLA (Your color of choice). If you're not sure I will be able to give you suggestions based on your model or ideas of what direction to go. 
8. I might have more as we discuss so please be ready for any other questions as we continue to discuss. 
If you think you're ready to work or just have some questions, please feel free to ask me any questions at  linkto.scratch@gmail.com or you can directly find me on my instagram at iamscratch and check out my process over there as well.