Disclaimer: For all orders, please ensure you have the correct mailing address in which you would like the package to be sent to as we are not responsible for packages that end up at the wrong location provided to us by the customer.


Where is my order? // Delayed orders

     This store is operated by just silly little me, so there will be occasions where I will become overwhelmed with orders and promised dates get pushed back unprecedentedly. If there happens to be a low-stock, the item might need to be restocked before I can ship it out, which could cause some delay time. In these cases, I will do my best to contact the customer to let them know. If you have not been looked after, this does not mean that I am ignoring you. Do keep in mind, things can get overlooked when dealing with hundreds of orders on a regular basis.

Please take the time to let me know of any concerning situations by emailing me at linkto.scratch@gmail.com. If the package you are waiting for does not arrive within the estimated arrival dates, provide us with your full name (name on the order) or even the order # and we will do our best to help resolve the problem.

All orders are sent out 3-5 business days after purchase is made. Orders made on Friday (PST) are more likely to be sent out the following business day (Monday). Arrival of item is dependent on when the purchase was made, usual turn around time for online orders are roughly between 1-2 weeks.

How long does it usually take for items to be sent out?

Apparel and Accessories – 3-5 business days

Sticker orders – 1-3 business days. 

How long does it usually take for my order to arrive?

All orders are sent out from California. Naturally customers from the United States receives the items in a timely manner, but  all other orders being sent out of North America could take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 weeks or more. To avoid having to spend unnecessarily, our brand looks for more convenient shipping methods so our customers don’t have to pay more than they need too.

Where are my stickers!?

Stickers are considered one of our smaller items and we try our best to have stickers sent out the day after order has been received. Because they are flat we send them out in envelopes. Sticker orders DO NOT come with tracking numbers because we send them out using stamps. The average amount of days it takes for stickers to arrive is usually about a  week, but in some cases depending on location it could be anywhere between 3 days to 3 weeks. If you are concerned that it is taking too long, you can contact us at linkto.scratch@gmail.com to let us know.

Can I change my address?

Yes, you can, but it does not guarantee that the change would be made before it is sent out. Therefore, we stress to the customer that all addresses connected to the purchase is the right address, and where the item is to be mailed out too. Our team works promptly to be certain the orders get sent out sooner rather than later. Bottom line, the buyer is responsible for providing us with a legitimate address.

When will you have a restock on certain items?

Restocks take place when we run low on any particular item or if demand is higher than normal. Stickers are restocked weekly. Restocks for staple brand merch (items we will always keep in stock) may happen every two weeks. For our seasonal Merch “Wave” Drops, there is a high possibility that once the new items are released and sold out, we will only restock it once more several days after and then never again. Our philosophy with our designs will always be to move forward.


“Payment/PayPal Issues”

Unfortunately, any problems regarding payments not working correctly, is completely out of our hands. It is a third-party program that will need to be taken care of with the corresponding bank and/or with the payment service. We can do our best to help with any issues regarding the website orders, but payments are out of our control.


Refunds, Exchanges and our Return Policy:

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you wish to return or exchange your purchase, you may choose to do so by mail packet. The customer, however, is responsible for shipping and handling fees. We will be more than happy to refund or exchange all unwashed merch within 30 days. If returned the buyer will be refunded for the purchase & should appear in 1-2 business days after the item is proved to have been shipped back. Again, we are not responsible for packages with incorrect addresses once they have left our facility. Once we drop the items off at the post office (or any shipping company), they are in in the delivery services hands.


What are your clothing sizes like?

Sizing for our merch is typically in American sizing, but the apparel we choose tends to be a little bit more fitted. To get a better idea, please review respective sizing chart links below if you have any concerns regarding specific measurements.


How can we contact you ?


Instagram direct messages are rarely ever answered.