So I wanted to share with you something I funded awhile back and was too lazy to open the box when I got it. Yeah that sounds like a lot of things I have sitting around to be honest..... SIGH.

So I funded this project and receive my sticky bones and was sadly thinking ... what? I gotta put it together. Lame. Thank god I have someone that loves to do that, aka my boyfriend, cause I just don’t have time for things like that. So yeah, I present to you Sticky bones.


It’s actually pretty neat. Very articulate and moves most of it’s joints. They did provide me with spare parts, but I thought it was funny that they didn’t provide more fingers cause I feel like that’s something that one would probably lose easier than anything else, since the parts are small.

I haven’t had a chance to use it to draw draw but the posing is great for references. My boyfriend played with it a bit and said it’s pretty accurate in terms of balance cause he put the character in like... break dance or yoga moves to see if it was amazing as it is.

Overall I’m quite content with it. It’s a great display item and it’ll be useful when I get some down time to draw, especially when I don’t know exactly what I want to do and it’s just there for me to look at and do studies like shadow play and so forth.

If you’re thinking of possibly needing something like this, I would recommend getting it.