Projects Projects & Projects

Lots and lots of projects going on at the moment for me. So I’m hoping everything flows well as well as other crap in my life. My mind lately has been perplexed with all the things I have to do, or need to do, or is it want to do?


I’m not too sure. But before i go tackling all that I can (and most likely burn out from it), need to list out what to do.


First off, I’ve been grateful for all these little side projects I have. Some paid, some just for fun. Some money would be nice just to get me out of my rut. Yes I’ll probably talk about life problems that everyone has, but who doesn’t have them?


So let’s start off with some exciting things happening!


Project 1 - I just currently finished up a logo for a new company that’s being launched, or in the process of? Not too much on the details for me to discuss, but I’ll talk about it if I can later.


Project 2 - I still have my mini sculpture project I have to work on, but I need to fix a part before I can move forward on it. It’s a commission project of Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle. Haha so far I have the pan ready and just need to fix the handle. I do have the bacons and eggs, but I might change the size ... maybe but if not, they need to be painted. The rest of course is the base and Calcifer himself.


Project 3 - A new music video for CMHRETRO. This time is for the song “I know”. Need to print out the lyrics and start laying out my editing plan. Also missing some other information but I’ll have to grab that from CMH himself. I have to get another day of shooting in and once I grab all the pieces. Start deleting the unnecessary and compiling which part goes where. A little concern on this part because I have some things to think about in terms of transitions and editing.


Project 4 - Some packaging thing.  Will probably be relatively easy, but I’d probably do it another way but eh... when it comes to packaging or anything in manufacturing. Money is a thing to consider and it really depends on how much said client wants to spend. I can make fancy designs but it’ll be pointless if they don’t wanna pay for it. So this will probably be a simple thing to do, to be honest.


Project 5 - For fun, I might do a month challenge for fun. Not sure if I want to commit and do all of them because of all the other things going on with my life, so I’ll use it more for something to doodle when I can’t find anything to doodle.


Project 6 - My mind and my body. So this is just more of a personal thing. Need to get back into the gym again and start eating properly (as I can) to just fix my overall health. Gotta find that balance, which is the most important thing you need inside and out.


Project 7 - I have some illustrations waiting for me to work on, which I’ll probably elaborate when the times comes. 


But yeah this is just my overall nit picks of my life as of right now. There’s more but those are more materialistic fixes more than anything.


Sankyuus for the read, I’ll catch you guys later!