Meeting Inspiring Peoples: May Ann Lucidine

So this year, I had the most opportunity to meet one of my all time favorite artists. Miss May Ann Lucidine. I went to one of her gallery solo shows at Nucleus Gallery.  


Finally having some time to write about this event. So i'm not sure what else to say except the experience I went through? Perhaps a funny story in a sense that I was really nervous and wasn't even aware that she was around because I thought she wouldn't be coming out until maybe a little later since I had got to the gallery early to look around.  Funny part I guess was my boyfriend thought it was hilarious that I was so nervous to meet my idol and made fun of me for it -_- but yeah... I guess the best thing about this year was I got to meet her!

So here's me and Mall. I also bought some prints and a few other things while I was at the gallery. If you have never seen any works from Mall, you should check her out on her instagram @shardula and follow her social media outlets. Her work is amazing and you should follow her! Her mixed media work is amazing and i hope to one day own one.