.hack series // games


So here's the thing about me. I loveeeee collecting shit.

It can be good and bad at the same time. So here's my current terrible collecting mode. 

I'm trying to hunt down the original .hack games. Why? IDK cause I just love the first two games but never got around to finishing them cause life (we're talking when those games came out and I got sidetracked hard and now it's a bitch to get them). So I'm hunting down the last two chapters of the original games for the PS2 so finish off the collection.... which reminds me, I have another one I gotta hunt down for... SIGH.

I manage to snag the 3rd part, which is Outbreak, now i got the 4th part, which is called, Quarantine. I already own Infection and Mutation.... so yeah. I think I manage to snag a Quarantine and Outbreak... on eBay.

All because I purchased the remake of the PS2 .Hack//GU games complete collection on the PS4 store and have been playing it online and streaming my sessions on Twitch. 

So far, I've only started on Rebirth, so I don't have much to say except it's got that usual flare and style from the old series with a few slight changes. Traveling on the server maps are easy enough, since you just warp here to there compared to walking around in the older game. I miss the older games main character you play as, his name's Kite, versus playing now the hotheaded, quick to anger, Haseo.

Both are what I'd call game class as "thieves", one being a Twin Blade and the latter being Adept Rogue. 

First off, both are different characters and have different personality. Although I can't quick help but miss Kite a bit. Haseo reminds me of just... a Sasuke look, but with different colored hair and red eyes, which you already don't know, I love white haired characters and red eyes. 

Design wise, I prefer Kite's Twin blade look versus Haseo's weird... crop top design. Haha, although in my play through, he's design has changed cause suddenly the game has ... like upgrade job extensions or whatever it's called.

But either way, each character of course is their own and the still comical style is there in both games and of course... parts of the play style with some slight differences.

Either way, I'm still going through the story so yeah... we'll see what happens as I play it on twitch.