Fresh Starts

Hey guys,

It’s been so long since I’ve been working on my website. I have so much to tell you. I’ve been on a whirlwind of ups and downs starting this whole year. 2019 has been a terrible beginning. Just when I thought things were going well, they went down hill again.

So what has happened since this year started. Well I was working for a company for awhile for almost two years.... decided to call it quits without any warning, so I was pretty much jobless for a good while. Like everyone was dropped like flies out of no where. I was, of course, depressed and devastated, with pretty much a ton of case scenarios running in my brain.   

It put me in such a bad state too, especially with my situation. At the same time, just when I decided to relaunch my website and switched over to a different server to make a brand new website and a store... (YES A STORE!) .... my laptop of almost 9 years decided to crap out on me finally. FINALLY. I was of course upset, but I figured you know... it lasted very long despite how much I have upgrade and switched parts in that laptop. So my poor MacBook Pro 2011 served me well... just crapped out on me at a bad time. SIGH.

Why not fix it ? Well I did try. I had a feeling it was going to be the logic board... cause I had already experienced a shit logic board previously due to the model having issues with it and I was able to get it fixed for free. I scheduled an appointment with Apple, they said it was the hard drive, but I still didn’t think that to be true. I got another hard drive and plug in my old one and found that it was still working. Went HMMM..... but knew deep down it wasn’t going to be resurrected. Once again, went to apple. Got my final answer. Doesn’t work. Logic board. And on top of that, it’ll be exempt and Apple won’t be making the part for my laptop anymore to fix. They send me to another off store that fixes Apple stuff, and I go there. They tell me they don’t understand why Apple sends people there. They can however fix my laptop but at the cost it’ll be almost $800-$1000. I did ask if I could just purchase the part myself, but they said it has to go through some regulations. Well... I’m fucked. Was royally upset after that.

I am a designer, so computers are basically your life. On top of that, I’m jobless, which if you don’t know, some designer jobs require you to have your own equipment. It’s basically like I have clipped wings. So more shit luck.

Now here’s the thing. I can probably fix my laptop myself, which was why I asked if I could just buy the part from them. I just need to order the logic board or find it somewhere... and chance on it, which I kind of want to do, but need the money for it. Until I have some spare cash around to try this... my poor laptop is gonna have to sit around and wait, which I kind of want to fix it since it’ll be $500 ish versus $2500+..... for a brand new one.

On top of that, the reason why I switched over to make a new website was to start selling some stickers or maybe other products down the line on the website to bring in some extra doe since I’m practically dying here (dramatic expression) because jobless then.

At the current moment, as you read this, my luck seems to be still there. I got a job just recently and have been basically studying how to work there because it’s technically and sort of out of my spectrum but not really? It’s hard to explain but just know that I am learning and exploring the job. It’s still in my field of design, just not what I was expecting.

And how you ask am I editing and still working on my website? My boyfriend got me an iMac. We found one that was on sale at Frys, so basically immediately ordered and pick it up because of the 4th of July sale. See? This is why I say luck, almost around. It’s an older model but it works, so we just jumped on it. It’s a bit slow, but I’m planning to upgrade the ram down the line..... and it’ll be difficult cause it’s not like my laptop where I got screws to easily open the casing....


So yeah, here’s my little catch up. I have a lot going for me as I try to relaunch everything here and figure out the bits of how to start up a store, but before all that, I need rack up some money to at least be able to launch it!

At the same time, I’ve been struggling to get back into the gym and resetting back on Twitch again. Yes, I’ll be streaming again, both art and games. With what’s going on right now, I’m just going bananas. I have to cook and clean, work out, job, stream, video shoots, and whatever is on my plate, so my schedules going to be hectic. Also my job might have Saturday works if it gets busy so there’s that.

Welp, that’s for reading my little catch up.

I’ll talk more about some new adventures to come.

Thanks for stopping by!