Another Year, #Inktober 2019

So here's another year of Inktober that I'll be doing and of course, with Mr. Jake Parker's official prompt of the year. 
So it's already been more than 2/3's the month ways in and I'm still going at it. You can catch some of the time lapse of the art on my instagram. I'll do an official blog photo post later on at the end of the month so you can see all of it here, and cause I want to keep a copy of record so I can look back and go "what the hell" and "hmm I've come so far".  
My thoughts so far on the ones that I have done. I think for the most part, everything has been pretty easy to come into my mind, except for like "misfit", which I think has made me stop and think a bit. I know for sure the word "ripe" on the last day has me a little stumped. 
My favorite by so far is Day 4's Freeze, which now I think about it, it would of been better for a word, "Frozen" lol but hey! The inks down and the days passed so .... yeah.
I also kept the usual tradition of sticking to my nib pen this year, using my Deleter Nib Pen and Deleter inks. 
Well, just a bit more and this month will be over. Next month's Huevember... I haven't decided what and if I even want to tackle that. 
Catch ya guys later!