2021:// Random Cuteness #1 & Goals

So I decided to start this new year off with some nonsense and cuteness, which by the way, Happy New Year! Let's hope this year will be better for everyone as 2020 been quite and interesting run. Anyways, I stumbled across this video near the end of 2020 as I'm pondering what exactly I want to do for the next year whilst waiting for my 3d printer to print something that is taking roughly 3 hours or so.

Here's the video I was talking about. It's so cute.

Now that that cute and distractions out of the way (Trust me I rewatched this wayyyy too many times... lol.) This year... I'm hoping to refresh myself. As I was readily prepping myself the last months or so from 2020. Lots of planning and more planning. 

This year, my main goals is just to get back into shape to who I want to be. So hopefully I'll be doing art again, learning new things, and just finding a better version of myself. 

So let's hope I just dive into that this year and move forward with more happiness in my life. Haha. Welp that's all my thoughts for now. I'm hoping to write more blogs =) so... stay tune for some nonsenses.